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About the author:

Shareba Abdul is digital media professional who specializes in food styling, writing and photography. She explores international cuisine on her blog


by Shareba Abdul



Shareba Abdul

Several years ago, after watching hours and hours of cooking shows on the food network, I realized that although it’s really easy to find a recipe on the internet, there was very little information in video format, about the individual ingredients we use.  So I partnered up with ... read more

Have you ever experienced that moment when you’ve just finished cooking, and your kitchen smells amazing, but your final dish just tastes kind of… flat? Adding more salt can help, but you can only add so much before it becomes too salty, and sometimes it’s just not enough.

So, what do you do?  ... read more

As someone who has drawers stuffed with all kinds of herbs and spices, I can safely say that I’m ingredient obsessed. I love to play with different flavour combinations and discover new ways to elevate my favourite dishes. Yet, while I enjoy the romance of fancy ingredients, sometimes ... read more



Shareba Abdul


Who knows anything about sweetbreads?  Who even knows what sweetbreads are?

Chef Brandon Olsen does.  I mean he really does.

Here’s a guy who lives and breathes being a chef, and sweetbreads are at the top of his recipe list.  He swears he’ll never... read more 

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