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Winter truffles, Summer truffles -

Chef Jason Bangerter

of Langdon Hall Country House and Spa

has a passion for truffles.

Who knows anything about sweetbreads? 

Chef Brandon Olsen does.  I mean he really does.

Here’s a guy who lives and breathes being a chef,

and sweetbreads ... read more 

Chef Missy Hui

of Fabbrica, Toronto

explains how vinegar can elevate your cooking.

Shareba Abdul

Chef Brad Long of Café Belong, Toronto, shares a trick or two

for working with salt


As someone who has drawers stuffed with all kinds of herbs and spices, I can safely say that I’m ingredient obsessed. I love to play with different flavour combinations and discover new ways to elevate my favourite dishes. Yet, while I enjoy exploring fancy ingredients, sometimes the best thing I can do for my cooking is to get back to basics.

One of the most basic kitchen pantry staples is salt. Of course,...

Guest blog by

Shareba Abdul


Chef Alexandra Feswick, Executive Chef at The Drake Devonshire Hotel, Prince Edward County, Ontario, makes an omelet her way ...

Chef Albert Ponzo tells us about Pork Blood

Pork Blood

Chef Albert Ponzo, Executive Chef at The Royal Hotel, Prince Edward County, Ontario, talks about a little known ingredient ...

How did this all start?

Several years ago, after watching hours and hours of cooking shows on the food network, I realized that although it’s really easy to find a recipe on the internet, there was very little information in video format, about the individual ingredients we use.  So I partnered up with my longtime friend and associate Rob, and we decided to take a shot at changing all that ... read more

Lemons Video, chef Sarah Villamere
Radicchio - chef Jonathan Gushue
Tomatoes video - chef Craig Harding
Fennel video
Cilantro Video- chef Steve Gonzalez
Mushrooms Video, chef Owen Steinberg
Fish sauce Video, chef Nick Liu
Butter video, chef Bertrand Alépée
Garic Video

 Is there an ingredient you want to know more about?

Let us know...

Figs video

Chef Sarah Villamere,  Chef at Caniche French Bakery, Dundas, Ontario, shows us a thing

or two about lemons ...

Chef Johnathan Gushue,  Executive Chef at 

Fogo Island Inn, Newfoundland and Labrador. 

Radicchio in salads?  Be careful ...

Chef Craig Harding,  Chef at Campangolo, Toronto talks about his favourite ingredient ... the tomato.

"You don't want to cut the %#$@ out of it..."

Chef Steve Gonzalez, of Barolo, Toronto, shares the secrets of Cilantro ...

Chef Owen Steinberg of Harvest Kitchen, Toronto loves working with mushrooms ...

Chef Nick Liu, of Dailo, Toronto.

Fish Sauce - Boom -the Magical Ingredient...

Butter is very important to Chef Bertrand Alépée of The Tempered Room, Toronto ...

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